Starting my life in Helsinki
2005年04月19日 (火) | 編集 |
I would like to thank for your messages.

My computer has not been on the net yet since the registration procedure of my laptop is being late. So I am writing in English this time.

Yesterday, I arranged various things, e.g., registration as a foreigner, opening the bank account, going to the institute, and learning about the flat. I was a little bit tired.

My flat is located at the center of Helsinki. I have to say this is a quite nice flat. I have 2 rooms. One of them is a bed room, and the other is a dining. Almost every utensils are ready, so it seems that I can start my life here quite smoothly.

Today I am in the institute and started working. My room has not been arranged yet. Next week it should be.

The weather in Helsinki is very cold. This morning I saw a snow. Temparature is, I think, around 5 degrees of celsius. But, from the experiece of the life in Prague, I know the weather in this season is unstable. I think it will be better from May.

I hope I can write this blog in Japanese from tomorrow.