2006年06月04日 (日) | 編集 |
Yesterday after the conference ended, I came to Nantes by TGV which is a bullet train in France (like Shinkansen). It takes about 2 hours from Paris to here.

Unfortunately there was no internet connection in my hotel, so I am writing this at internet cafe. Also I tried to connect my laptop at this cafe but I could not (The staff could only understand French so I could not explain that I wanted to connect my laptop). That is why I am now writing in English...

I realized that Nantes is very beautiful city. I would say "small Paris" : not so many people compared with Paris but it is fun to hang around.

I will stay here by next Tuesday and will leave for Helsinki at Wednesday.

I think I have a chance to connect my laptop at Nantes university. So I can inform about my stay in Nantes on Monday or Tuesday.